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Wilson Power Solutions – Stand QE1

Wilson Power Solutions is a power and distribution transformers manufacturer based in Leeds. We provide energy efficient and cost-effective energy distribution solutions with experience working with different sectors.  Our amorphous low loss transformers are a winner of the IEMA Sustainability Impact Award 2019 for the energy and carbon savings they achieved over the years.

We have been the pioneers of amorphous supply transformers since 2008 with over 1300 installations across the UK helping customers save energy, money, and carbon emissions. Our new generation Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss amorphous transformers are already far ahead. Tier 2 EU Eco design regulations for transformers scheduled to come into force in July 2021.

In addition to manufacturing transformers, we manufacture battery trip units and provide transformer hire at our Leeds factory. With a responsible engineering vision, we aim to help organisations meet their carbon reduction targets through reducing transformer losses. 

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Omicron – Stand QE2

OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. Offering a wide array of services in the fields of commissioning, consulting and training, we help to make the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe and reliable.

OMICRON provide customers with 24/7 free, professional technical support and set the standard for testing in electrical power systems. Typical customers for primary testing include engineers and technicians working mainly in commissioning, maintenance testing and test fields in utilities and industry. 

The application of communication protocols is rapidly spreading in the electric power industry. More and more applications utilise newest communication technologies for exchanging mission critical information. OMICRON’s testing tools support engineers and technicians to master these new technologies. 

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Nynas Napthenics – Stand QE3

Nynas is a different kind of oil company – we want to use oil, not burn it.

With around 1000 employees, production facilities in Europe and offices in over 30 countries, Nynas is dedicated to researching, producing and supplying specialty naphthenic oils and bitumen for a growing global market. Together with our customers, we have the know-how to find new applications and meet new challenges that can help shape society.

We take oil further to bring value to customers and the world we live in.


Polaris Diagnostics & Engineering Ltd – Stand QE4

Polaris Diagnostics & Engineering Ltd was established in 2011 to provide independent transformer consultancy and technical support services for all types of HV apparatus.
We have a pedigree of technical excellence in all aspects of transformer life cycle management and offer test services which cover commissioning, condition assessment, end of life evaluation, failure investigation and defect management. This is complemented by our own laboratory service which specialises in the DP analysis of paper insulation.
Our stable of Principal Consultants have an unparalleled pedigree of expertise in all aspects of both Transmission and Distribution systems.
Whether a Claimant or Defendant, we offer an Expert Witness service to represent your interests.


MR – Stand QE5

Our company is active in power engineering and consists of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) and 42 subsidiaries and 7 affiliated companies globally.

Our core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is done above all with the aid of tap changers, which adapt the transmission ratio of the primary to secondary winding to changing load ratios and, together with additional, innovative products and services, ensure an interruption-free power supply.

Through increasing integration of renewable energies into the power network, this regulation also has an ever-increasing importance on the distribution network level. Here, we likewise provide innovative system solutions. Together with conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and accompanying services, such as network analysis and calculation, we round out our network regulation offerings.

Over 50% of global electricity flows through our products.

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T & R Test Equipment – Stand QE6

The T & R Group are a group made up of a number of companies including T & R Test Equipment Ltd and Transformers and Rectifiers Ltd, we are based in Guildford in the factory we have occupied since 1952.

T & R Group recognise the importance of providing the right product for the right job therefore working closely in collaboration with our customers, and providing the product meeting their specific requirements is imperative to the survival of the company. T&R Test have been a trusted and reliable supplier of Relay testing sets, HV test sets and Low Ohm meters to commissioning and maintenance engineers for decades, whilst our sister company provide a comprehensive portfolio including Transformer Rectifiers for both Traction and Industrial applications, Voltage Stabilisers, Voltage Regulators and Earthing/Auxiliary Transformers

The combined T&R Group product portfolio provides an excellent platform for all types of businesses worldwide helping make electrical engineering in the 21st century easier.


Transerv Europe Ltd- Stand QE7

Established in 2013, Transerv Europe Limited provides specialist technical services associated with all aspects of installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of power and distribution transformers, to all sectors of the electrical supply industry.
Operating from our centrally located premises in Stafford, we boast a modern, fully bunded, workshop complimented with a 20 Tonne overhead gantry crane. Our workshop is also a fully licensed reprocessing facility, approved by the environment agency.
Having invested heavily in state-of-the-art test equipment, Transerv can offer a full suite of LV diagnostic and fingerprint tests.
Our extensive experience in the power industry and high calibre personnel give rise to a first-class installation, commissioning, and repair service. From small wind turbine transformers to large super grid transformers, Transerv has the knowledge and expertise to plan and deliver the most challenging of projects.

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Tap Changer Services – Stand QE8

Tapchanger Services Ltd provide a one-stop-shop for all tapchanger requirements…
Formed in 1990 to meet an increasing requirement from the Electricity Supply Industry for a specialist company in tapchanger maintenance & repair.
Our experience spans over 50 years of the tapchanger industry, our engineers being involved in the design, development, repair & maintenance of tapchangers on behalf of all UK manufacturers.
Our engineers have experience on a wide variety of tapchangers from all manufacturers and can provide a highly specialised maintenance or repair service on all types, either on-site or at our workshops in Uttoxeter.
Not tied to any manufacturer, you can be assured that the advice you receive is completely independent and unbiased.
Services include;
• Routine maintenance or inspections
• Breakdown repair
• Fault investigation
• Refurbishment and rebuild
• Retrofits
• Technical Support and training

You can reach us by phone: 01889 560300, by email: info@tapchangerservices.co.uk


Megger – Stand QE9

Megger has been a leader in electrical test and measurement globally for 130 years. From power generation to the power outlets in your home, Megger products cover almost every application within the Electrical Supply Industry. Our products are categorised into seven core application segments: cable test and diagnostics, protection relays and systems, circuit breakers, transformer test and diagnostics, low voltage installations, general electrical testing, and motor and generator testing.


 ChemTX – Stand QE10

ChemTX Ltd is an independent Transformer oil testing Laboratory based in the central belt of Scotland.
In our well-equipped lab, we carry out comprehensive analytical testing on electrical insulating fluids for clients across the UK.
As well as oil analysis, we can provide advice on oil sampling and evaluation of data, based on current international standards, for the many types of insulating fluid found in the marketplace today.
Founded in 2013, our skilled team of analysts have over 40 years’ experience working within the electricity industry across Nuclear, Renewable, Hydro, Gas and Coal sectors.
Our aim is to provide an honest and reliable service to support clients with the management, maintenance, and wellbeing of their electrical assets.
For more information, connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Power Systems Partners Ltd – Stand QE11

Power System Partners Limited is a Company representing a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) associated with the electrical supply industry. Originally formed in 2006, with the support of SGB Smit Transformers, Power System Partners grew the market for SGB Smit’s range of grid and super gird transformers along with SGB’s range of cast resin and distribution transformers. 

Always keen to add complementary equipment to the transformer ranges being offered, Power System Partners quickly added Coleme, a HV and EHV disconnector manufacturer, to the portfolio along with Tamco Switchgear, who provide 11kV and 33kV switchgear. 

The company has also expanded into offering complementary products based around cast resin and distribution transformers. This includes busbar solutions, surge arresters and protection devices. 

Power System Partners recently added representation for a novel permanent magnet fault current limiting device which can instantly reduce fault levels on the 11kV network. This enables connections onto the 11kV system where fault levels have previously been a limiting factor, helping the network to adapt to changes resulting from more distributed generation.  

With a growing catalogue of electrical power systems plant and equipment Power System Partners are well equipped to provide the best in terms of sales and service support.


Brush Transformers Ltd – Stand QE12

Brush Transformers Ltd is a globally renowned manufacturer of power transformers with ratings of up to 145kV and 160MVA. Our markets include the utility, oil, petrochemical, steel and rail industries worldwide. As part of a substantial investment programme we provide a state of the art manufacturing facility with first class vacuum drying ovens and testing facilities to ensure our products are the best in their field.

We pride ourselves in supplying unparalleled service from our first meeting and throughout the lifespan of the transformer, ensuring years of trouble-free service. In addition to this we are proud to boast a multi skilled Service Team who ensure our excellent customer service is available 24/7 to all our clients.”

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Wilson Transformer Company – Stand QE13

Wilson Transformer Company is an 87-year-old Australian owned and based company specialising in engineering, manufacturing and servicing power and distribution transformers. From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Victoria, WTC delivers superior transformer solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers around the world.
WTC products range from 16kVA single phase polemount transformers right up to three phase 550MVA 400kV transmission transformers and special application transformers – FCLs, Rectifier & Furnace Transformers, Trackside Transformers and Quad Boosters.

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Kelvatek – Stand Q14

For over two decades, Kelvatek has been working collaboratively across the UK & Irish energy industry to accelerate network performance and drive a more sustainable future.

Partnering with world-leading wind generation farms, energy utilities and data centre operators, Kelvatek provides industry-leading transformer monitoring solutions and services. We help operators of these facilities gain a deeper understanding of the risk, health, and performance of their transformer fleet through our secure, online monitoring solution TOTUS.

Monitoring the most critical components of a transformer, TOTUS delivers key insights which optimise proactive maintenance strategies, improve availability and uptime of assets and significantly reduce the risk of sudden transformer failure, associated costs and lost revenues.


Dynamic Ratings Logo[18331]

Dynamic Ratings – Stand QE15

Dynamic Ratings provides condition-based monitoring products and services to the utility industry. We improve the safety and reliability of our customers’ assets across the grid. Our top priority is to help utilities have better awareness of their high voltage electrical equipment through:
– Transformer monitoring
– DGA monitoring
– Bushing monitoring
– Partial discharge monitoring
– Battery monitoring
– Circuit breaker monitoring
– Engineering and Project Management Service
– Technical Support
– And more…


Doble – Stand QE 16

The team at Doble Engineering Company ensures reliable, safe and secure power for all. We do this by providing comprehensive diagnostics and engineering expertise for the energy industry.
Doble offers diagnostic instruments, services, and the world’s premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results for the benefit of energy generation and delivery companies and industrial power users worldwide.
Founded in 1920, Doble is committed to the continuing education of our customers, and the support and training of the next generation of power industry workers – uniting the utility sector for an innovative future.
Doble serves customers around the globe; our companies and product lines include Manta Test Systems, Morgan Schaffer and Vanguard Instruments.
Doble is part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE). For more information, follow us on Twitter @doble and connect on LinkedIn.

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EOS – Stand QE 17

EOS, part of the HCS Group, remains the proven specialist in the UK, able to offer fully compliant BS148:2020 and IEC60296:2020 Ed 5 Reclaimed Transformer Oils from the Stanlow reclamation facility in significant volume and of consistent high quality. As Global economies and Industry sectors increasingly search for ways to Decarbonise and establish Sustainable energy options, EOS leads the way with both products, such as EOS®Premium supporting our unrivalled Field Service expertise and dedicated mobile plant services. This model is now replicated in Germany to support the German and Benelux markets.
Customers choose EOS because of our long-term reliable service and quality products. Our clients know and trust EOS and are able to rely on us to understand their needs and satisfy them in the most professional manner. This is a position unique to EOS by virtue of our heritage, expertise and resources. EOS is not just ‘in the electrical oils business’, EOS has for many years help define the electrical oils business and continues to do so today. This is achieved by being true to our ethos of fully understanding the customers’ needs, adapting to a more sustainable future, conserving precious natural resources and collaboratively identifying the best way to meet these key pillars.

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EA Technology – Stand QE 18

EA Technology’s mission is to promote the development of resilient, accessible, low cost energy networks globally, accelerating the transition to energy decarbonisation. EA Technology is a specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative products and services, consultancy and training which deliver tangible benefits for their businesses enabling them to create safer, stronger and smarter networks for today and the future


Kolektor ETRA – Stand QE 19

Transforming the Future

The first beginnings of the company date back to 1933. What started as a small workshop for repairing transformers, is now a global player in a production, installation and commissioning of power transformers with rated voltages up to 420 kV and powers up to 500 MVA.
All our transformers are exclusively produced at our HQ location in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we do not outsource any part of transformer production. This means that all cores, windings, engineering know-how is a result of our more than 85 years of experiences in the transformer business.


Utility Oils Ltd – Stand QE 20

Utility Oils have been in Transformer oil maintenance for over 20 years. We are a specialist provider of insulating fluid services. This includes the development, storage, testing, processing, regeneration and removal, with a focus on the maintenance of insulating fluids in operations so asset owners can maintain and increase the lifetime of their assets. All of this work is supported by a dedicated technical team with over 100 years’ experience.
Utility Oils Ltd has a company owned dedicated fleet of transformer oil tankers, with the capabilities ranging from small bowsers and urban tankers to large single and multi-compartment units, all managed by fully qualified and trained operators. Utility Oils can accommodate all insulating fluid management scenarios. Ownership of your own fleet ensures complete control with reduced risk of contamination and flexibility to support our customers ever changing landscape.
We have a significant fleet of Mobile processing units that reduce moisture and degas insulating fluids to support installation, retrofits and maintenance. Our units’ range in capability from processing at 2,000ltrs per hour to 4,000ltrs per hour. The units also have varying supporting benefits from welfare facilities and onboard generators. This ensures our team of professional operators can carry out all transformer oil work in efficient and safe manner whilst on customer sites adhering to customer standards and HSSE requirements. We also operate Regeneration plant to support our customers carbon neutral and circular policy.
As the industry goes through its changing landscape, with a focus on renewable energy. Utility Oils are constantly re-evaluating its fleet and investing to ensure it stays relevant. This is more apparent in offshore wind where Utility Oils has invested in people and plant to support its very demanding environment.
We have a professional successful dedicated customer service team who pride themselves on our flexible approach to our diverse customer needs. “We can honestly say our customers experience excellent service; we can say this because our customers tell us with their continued support”

In this specialist field where legislative compliance is essential, our customers have to be able to trust their service provider to adhere to the highest possible standards and to employ the tightest possible controls. To this, we have achieved all 3 ISO accreditation; ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001: 2018 and are Achilles B1 audit verified.